What are the typical fees for the initial visit?

Our exam fee ranges from $69 – $200 depending on the complexity of the presenting condition.  X-rays are $45/frame, and the number taken depends on what Dr. Fox determines is necessary.  Feel free to contact our insurance manager with any concerns  or questions regarding our fees.  We are always willing to work with you to help you achieve your health needs.

What type of technique does Dr. Fox use?

Dr. Fox is an upper cervical doctor who adjusts the full spine but specializes in the neck and how it relates to your spinal health.

How long has Dr. Fox been in practice?

Dr. Fox is in his 35th year of practice.

Does Dr. Fox get adjusted?

Dr. Fox gets adjusted every Monday.

What are your hours?

Monday 2pm – 8pm / Wednesday 10am-12pm and 2pm – 7pm /Friday 9am – 2pm

If I’m not sure if chiropractic will help me, how can I get my questions answered?

We offer a complimentary consultaion, by appointment, or you are welcome to speak to Dr. Fox over the phone to discuss your condition, at no charge.

Does Dr. Fox treat children?

We welcome children in the practice from infancy on.  Please reference the children’s information section of our site, to see how chiropractic can make a dramatic difference in your child’s health.

How long does the initial visit take?

Plan for about 90 minutes for a complete exam, and, if necessary, x-rays.  

How long do the follow-up visits take?

About 10-15 minutes.

Do you take walk-ins?

After your initial visit, we will gladly take you as a walk-in, but encourage you to schedule an appointment if possible, to minimize your wait.

Do you take my insurance?

Dr. Fox is contracted with many major insurance companies.  We assist you in determining if your insurance policy covers our services.  Dr. is also a Labor and Industry provider (for work related injuries), and if you have been involved in an auto accident, be assured we have 35 years of working with Personal Injury cases.  We are also happy to accept Medicare patients, however we are non-participating and do not accept assignment on claims.  What this means to you is that we will bill Medicare, but ask that you pay for your visit at the time of service, and Medicare will reimburse you directly.  Please feel free to contact our insurance office with any questions.