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Your total wellness is our mission.

We have a variety of services and techniques that we employ to improve your health and wellness. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Fox optimizes the nervous system and improves the body’s functionality.


Welcome to Fox Chiropractic Wellness & Massage

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Providing the highest quality of chiropractic care – technologically advanced, philosophically traditional, and always hands-on. In the past 35 years, Dr. Fox has helped thousands of patients lead healthy and pain-free lives. We would love to count you among them.

By correcting imbalances in the nervous system, your body can heal and maintain itself. We have seen this process have stunning success with many conditions: from migraines to lupus, from scoliosis to sciatica. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation to determine if chiropractic care is a solution to your health problems or issues.


  • Koren Specific Technique

    With this breakthrough approach to patient care, the patient receives gentle, specific corrections to their spine and structural system. – read more

  • N.U.C.C.A. Technique

    National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association – Specializes in analyzing and correcting subluxations in the upper cervical spine – read more

  • A.S.B.E. Technique

    Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering – From x-rays we determine a specific, customized, rehabilitative exercise routine for the patient to help return their full and symmetrical spinal motion. – read more

Here are just a few testimonials from our patients

Gayle O.

even with the power out, Dr. Fox took care of patients! My back is feeling MUCH MUCH better! Thank you!

Gayle O.
Martha W.

I have been seeing Dr. Fox and his staff for trauma induced spine problems since 2006. KST is accurate and TOTALLY pain free. Dr. Fox is focused on my recovery and always achieves great results, leaving my back free of pain and with good range of motion
Dr. Fox’s staff are very special and give and give selflessly to patients. They are always cheerful and express hope and a positive attitude. The whole office functions as a team for the best results. I have recommended Dr. Fox to everybody that I come across with a neck problem.

Martha W.
Jeanie E.

Excellent, professional care–a very positive experience. I’ve already scheduled another appointment.

Jeanie E.
Clare L.

Dr. Fox is a great doctor. He has an innate ability to be able to touch the human body and know if there is an area that needs help. His years of experience and his wisdom of the spine, in particular the atlas, are what make him invaluable to his patients. He has helped me with my neck and back issues like no other doctor ever has. And besides his incredible ability to heal, he has a great bedside manner, is humble and caring and one can instantly tell he loves what he does. And to top it all off, his office staff is pretty wonderful.
If you are in need of a great chiropractor, he is your man.

Clare L.