Fox Chiropractic

offers a variety of services geared to the goal of optimizing your health. We consider our office a “Wellness Center” which helps put you and keep you on the road to a healthy life. We approach your health needs from the inside-out, not the outside-in, which means that we aren’t just focusing on symptoms. Instead of suppressing or altering body functions through medications, we help you express your full healthy potential through complete nervous system function, nutritional support and the restoration of muscular balance.

In addition to our excellent chiropractic care, we also offer a variety of nutritional supplements to our clients. Please visit our product page for a complete list of products.

Massage Therapy

An important part of the wellness services we offer, and an important supplement to our chiropractic care, is massage therapy. We have two excellent Licenced Massage Therapists in our office. Please visit our massage information page for more information.


As an integral part of our services, we have at our disposal a great deal of the latest technology available.

We utilize computerized electromyography and thermal scans to help us analyze your spinal and nervous system alignment and function.

We have an on-site x-ray facility which utilizes the most up-to-date radiation reduction techniques. Our production and analysis of x-ray images are exceptionally accurate in the upper cervical area utilizing 3 – dimensional views. The upper cervical area of the spine is a critical area we specialize in.

We also utilize computerized scanning for custom made, custom fit orthotic shoe inserts, which are spinal pelvic stabilizers to help balance your posture and keep you in alignment.

At Fox Chiropractic, we know that technology is no substitute for knowledge, experience and the personalized care we are well known for, but we make sure that we stay current with the latest advances and technologies in chiropractic to give our patients the finest care possible.