Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Lower Back Pain In Gig Harbor

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For
Lower Back Pain In Gig Harbor

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How often do you focus on your spine? How often do you take care of the back that helps you carry your stuff and yourself upright?

Our backs are very important parts of our bodies. They are integral for proper posture and a huge help to distribute body weight evenly.

But, when the spine itself faces issues, we get back pain.

Lower back pain in Gig Harbor is the most common type of back pain and occurs in the lumbar spine.

Lower back pain can feel like a dull, throbbing pain, a burning sensation or a tingling, radiating pain, or feels of pins and needles.

Certain positions can feel immensely painful.

In most cases, pain leaves on its own within six weeks but when it is persistent for longer, it can be chronic and needs immediate and serious treatment.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of lower back pain in Gig Harbor, such as:

  • Posture: The weight distribution and the alignment of the spine get affected by the posture of a person
  • Form during exercise: The way our form is during exercising determines the strain different parts of our body go under. So, improper form means that the pressure is distributed wrongly causing strain in places that can’t handle it.
  • Strain/ sprain of the back: the muscles or tissues in the area get inflamed and swollen, which can lead to muscle spasms.
  • Sciatica: The irritation or damage of the sciatic nerve leading to sciatica which can cause lower back pain.
  • Arthritis: different arthritis types lead to the degeneration of muscles, bones, and cartilages which makes them susceptible to damage.
  • Ruptured or bulging spinal disks: the disks between each vertebra can slip and bulge or the outer layer of the disk can rupture and the inner layer hangs out and can cause uneven pressure on the spinal structure when moving and the reduced lubrication causes strain on bones and nerves going through the spine.
  • Occupation: The repeated and constant motions of the daily jobs lead to different health conditions among which lower back pain can be one of them.
  • Weight: The underweight means less nourishment to the body and being overweight means more strain on the spine to manage uneven weight distribution.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: the lesser activities make the spine unused to activities so that it gets worked up easily upon small amounts of work and cause damage to the suddenly stretched parts.
  • Diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, spinal stenosis, spondylitis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, etc. These all irritate and affect the spine or nerves in the spine area leading to pain.

The different treatments for lower back pain include medications, physical therapy, injections, surgeries, etc.

These are great but aren’t suitable for a certain set of people.

Massage therapy is an alternative method of treatment of lower back pain that is suitable for people of all ages and most health conditions.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for lower back pain include:

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Promotes quicker healing
  • Relief from pain
  • Recovery from muscle tension
  • Relaxes and strengthens muscles
  • Decreased disability over time
  • Improves mood due to release of endorphins
  • Anti-inflammatory actions
  • Reduces swelling and soreness
  • Speeds up return of normal activities
  • Strengthens and raises tolerance to prevent future injuries
  • Improved range of motion
  • Better sleep quality

There are a lot of benefits of Massage Therapists for lower back pain and other health conditions. So book an appointment with your nearest licensed massage therapist and get better soon!

Happy healing!


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