Chiropractic Benefits for ITB Syndrome

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ITB Syndrome in Gig Harbor

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Our bodies are strong, complex, capable of handling a lot, but they are also fragile in order to keep all the complexity contained. So, it is no surprise that our bodies can get very damaged if not treated properly or by the ways of daily living. Among those damages our bodies suffer, knee pain and hip pain are the most common.

Illiotibial band or ITB in Gig Harbor is a tendon that runs along the outside of our legs, connecting the top of the pelvic bone to just below the knee and there is also a fluid-filled sac called the bursa which sits between ITB and the bone in order to provide lubrication.

Chiropractic Benefits for ITB Syndrome in Gig Harbor

Illiotibial Band syndrome or ITB syndrome refers to the condition that occurs when the IT band becomes swollen and/ or irritated from rubbing against the bone on the outside of your hip or knee or the inflammation of the bursa. It can be only one of the two affected or both.

If ignored and not provided proper training, the inflammation can continue, as well as the scarring of the tendon and/ or bursa, decreasing the range of motion and leading to a steady and considerable increase in the pain with decreased activity levels.

This injury type is called a non-traumatic overuse injury which is often seen in runners and is associated with the underlying weakness of pelvic abductor muscles.

The various causes of ITB syndrome include:

  • The physical condition being poor
  • Having a tight or short ITB
  • Activities are done with poor form
  • Having bowed legs
  • Levels of activity change with little time
  • Not warming up before exercising
  • Core muscles are imbalanced

ITB syndrome can feel like mild pain on the outside of the knee or hip when you start doing physical work, which may or may not go away with warming up and can get progressively worse and doesn’t go away even when exercising. Running or sitting for long amounts of time with knees bent may worsen the pain.

Common treatments for ITB syndrome can be:

  1. Medication for pain relief and anti-inflammation.
  2. Simple remedies like icing or applying heat to the area in order to bring pain relief to the area.
  3. Easy stretching or strengthening exercises which can heal and help sustain and curb the ITB syndrome in the long run.
  4. Cortisone injection in the affected area to bring pain and swelling relief.
  5. Surgeries involve the removal of the ITB or the bursa or both or The lengthening of the ITB in order to prevent the ITB from rubbing against the bone and causing pain.

Another treatment/ prevention/ controlling option would be to use the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractic helps heal the body from within by the body’s own self, not external interference. Chiropractic is a great, quick, effective, and long-term solution to ITB syndrome. Chiropractors could use the following treatment options in order to treat ITB:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments
  2. Dry needling for ITB syndrome
  3. Graston technique IASTM
  4. Laser or electric therapy
  5. Active release techniques
  6. Stretching or physical therapy

Chiropractic has the following benefits for ITB syndrome:

  • Pain relief and increased range of motion
  • Improved blood circulation and breaking up of scarred tissues to help bursa, tendon healing
  • The relief from the tightness of the ITB
  • Relaxation and regeneration of the ITB
  • Removes pressure from the ITB and lead to quicker healing
  • Improved posture and form ( betterment of the bowed legs) leading to lesser pelvic pressure, leading to less pain.
  • Suitable for people of all ages and most health conditions
  • Quick and long-term relief, cost-effective.

There are various other benefits of Chiropractic not related to ITB syndrome, so if you have any health condition, book an appointment with your nearest licensed chiropractor and get your solution.

Happy healing!


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