Chiropractor Helps With Neck Pain In Gig Harbor

Chiropractor Helps With Neck Pain In Gig Harbor

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New solutions to chronic neck pain and poor posture in Gig Harbor WA:

Here are some home care options and solutions for a chronic neck pain and poor posture causing chronic neck pain in Gig Harbor.

#1. If you have a sitting position at work, get a standing station and spend 50% of your day in the standing position rather than the chronic sitting, slouched over position.

Standing desks are very common and most employers well provide this resource since it is super beneficial to the postural longevity of their staff members.

#2. Stretching

Start your morning off with thoracic extension exercises. An example of this is when you lay on an exercise ball on your back and allow your arms to dangle off the side. This creates a hyper extension stretch which allows your pecks to stretch and this opens up your spine.

This is extremely beneficial for patients that have the early onset of poor posture.

#3. Stay hydrated

Muscles are 70% water. Therefore, if they are dehydrated they will create muscle spasms and trigger points which can affect your posture. Studies have shown that patients that have hunched over spines usually have trigger points in their upper back. Staying hydrated keeps the muscles pliable and avoids chronic issues.

#4. Chiropractic treatments

Keep that spine moving! One of the most effective ways to keep the spine moving is with chiropractic therapy. Chiropractors utilize gentle techniques to mobilize fixated regions of the spine. When spinal regions are fixated, they cause irritation of the adjacent nerves. These nerves can affect muscles, organs, tendons and other structures. To avoid chronic low back pain, neck pain or mid back pain, regular chiropractic is extremely helpful.

#5. Massage therapy

One of the best ways to relax your upper back regionand avoid muscle spasms is with massage therapy. Massage therapists are licensed professionals that are trained to decrease muscle spasms, improve posture and increase range of motion. Studies have also shown that poor posture creates inflammation at the base of the neck. Massage therapy is very useful at decreasing inflammation by creating motion.

The next time you have chronic neck pain caused by poor posture, ask yourself what the underlying cause is and what are some things I can do at home to correct my poor posture. Another question you should ask is how I can stop this from getting worse, poor posture is progressive and he gets worse over time. Know your body, if you are getting signs of poor posture, ask about postural correction exercises. Call our team at Fox Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gig Harbor today!


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