Local Doctor In Gig Harbor WA Helps With Chronic Pain

Local Doctor In Gig Harbor WA Helps With Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Gig Harbor WA Local Doctor Helps With Chronic Pain

One of our Gig Harbor WA chiropractors, Dr. James Callen is not just any doctor, he has a very strong purpose of helping his patients avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery. Dr. James Callen has been Practicing Chiropractic for the last 30 years, and also obtain a medical degree, which made him realize that there must be a better way than drugs for every single condition Americans are faced with.

We currently live in a world where it doesn’t matter if the problem is pain, stress, digestive issues, breathing issues, brain fog… The solution is always a pharmaceutical. As Americans we make up less than 6% of the world’s population, but we take almost 42% of all the prescription drugs on the planet, this statistic is staggering and concerning. We live in the pharmaceutical era, where commercials on TV dictate our health.

Dr. James Callen has been practicing in Kitsap county for years helping residence live their optimal lives by addressing the root causes of pain and healthcare conditions

Top 3 Conditions Pharmaceuticals May Not Be The Best Option In Gig Harbor WA

  • Neuropathy: Patients are usually told there’s nothing they can do for their peripheral neuropathy, and they are left with daily pain in their feet or hands with severe progression month by month. The solution is usually gabapentin and it’s many side effects including brain fog.There has to be a better way, Acupuncture is a very successful modality along with lifestyle and dietary changes to help patients with peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy.
  • Chronic Knee Pain: We have seen this too many times, a patient walks in with daily pain from walking, up and down stairs and regular daily activities and they are recommended steroid shots. Most patients don’t realize that we are limited to three steroid shots per region per year due to one side effect, bone deterioration and cartilage damage.There has to be a better way…….. Decompression, along with Chiropractic has shown positive outcomes that gives the patient relief from their chronic knee pain
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome: When patients have tendonitis or rotator cuff syndrome that is affecting their shoulder range of motion and pain levels, more often than not they end up in a surgical consultation that usually ends in some surgical procedure. For some reason in America, we don’t go with conservative routes first….. we go straight to the knife.Laser therapy has shown positive results in helping tendons heel.

After a proper diagnosis and evaluation, conservative treatment should be recommended before pursuing any surgical procedure

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