Natural Healthcare vs Pharmaceuticals in Gig Harbor

Natural Healthcare vs Pharmaceuticals in Gig Harbor

Achieve a Healthier Spine in Gig Harbor

We live in a period of excessive competition and always striving for the best without rest.

It is expected. The world is overpopulated with not enough jobs or opportunities.

So, it seems normal, almost second nature, to care only about success and progress over your health when you are sure you’ll be fine and need to push through, even if you aren’t.

But that’s where most are wrong, good health is super important to survive and succeed in this day and time.

You can’t race with your leg sprained and hope to come out on top. You need to make sure your legs are healthy and good so that you can win that race.

This is where healthcare comes in.

Importance of Healthcare in Gig Harbor WA

Healthcare is the sector that helps solve your health issues when you have them and helps strengthen your body to the best possibility of humans to prevent future problems so that you can win your races.

In this period of commercialization, even healthcare causes issues and seems unworthy of trust and faith.

Pharmaceuticals are usually what we turn to when we get ourselves sick.

To cure us, to help us within a short period of time, and to help us not get sick again.

But the effect is actually the opposite.

Pharmaceutical medicines fix the body for you because natural healing takes too long to occur. This means that our bodies get accustomed to being healed by external medicines over time and start depending upon them while slowing and forgetting the natural healing process.

While this might not seem like a huge issue, it is.

Because the body forgets the natural healing responses, it forgets that it is vulnerable to damage and sickness too. So your bodily resistance gets lower with each medicine consumption.

So, you get sick, you take medicines to get better quickly and you do but your body’s resistance lowers and that leaves you vulnerable to future sicknesses and you get sick, more severe and more often, so you take more medications, you get even more dependent…… and the cycle repeats.

The icing on the cake is, a lot of the OTC meds contain chemicals that give off effects similar to narcotics, making the body addicted to them if you take it long enough or are vulnerable enough.

That is what happens with pharmaceuticals and exactly how pharmaceuticals stop serving patients and make them their slaves. With dependency.

Now, how do you get your health to get better without the help of pharmaceuticals when they cause such issues?

The other way to solve the issues I’d mentioned earlier was this.

Natural healthcare.

These could include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathic, etc.

What exactly are these?

These are branches of medicine that help your body naturally and quickly. They don’t do it for the body but help it in the process.

The benefit of this is the lack of dependency of the body on external solutions, the increased resistance, improved immunity, quicker pace of bodily healing, etc. Among many other benefits.

Even better is that following the advice of these specialists in early life is a sure way to prevent most issues while still curing or managing the problems if and when they arise.

A fun example: The advice of exercising, eating, and hydrating is part of natural healthcare. And we know how effective this advice can be.

So, it is obvious that natural healthcare is highly effective and highly beneficial for people of all ages and most health conditions.

You can always incorporate both the healthcare types.

Getting pharmaceutical help for life threatening or serious health issues which needs quick recovery and natural for ones that can be cured over a period of time.

Remember, your health and safety is the most important aspect. So choose your healthcare with care by calling Fox Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gig Harbor today!

Happy healing!


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