New Solutions To Chronic Back Pain In Gig Harbor

new solutions to chronic back pain in Gig Harbor

New Solutions To Chronic Back Pain In Gig Harbor

Pain. A feeling we are all very much aware of. Physical pain is what we as humans experience immediately after birth (exceptions of those that are born silent or laughing). Babies are born crying due to the pain of their lungs working for the first time, it is pulled out of a state of dormancy to function and it hurts the child and it (the child) cries. So, pain is a very prominent aspect of our lives.

But unlike after birth for the mother and child, pain isn’t always pleasurable or needed.

A great example of unnecessary and non-pleasurable physical pain is spinal pain.

Spinal pain refers to the discomfort and pain in the neck, and back area till the tailbone. So pain in or around the entire area of the spine.

It is usually temporary but could reoccur and be very painful.

The pain could be dull, radiating, burning, stinging, numbness, etc.

Why Are You Struggling With Back Pain in Gig Harbor WA?

There could be many different reasons and causes for spine pain. Such as:

  1. Spinal curvature: The shape and curvature of the spine is given naturally to help with balancing the body but if the curvature is developed abnormally or the spine over time decides to pick up a curve or two, the body balance goes away and the spine overworks to restore it, adding pressure to the nerves.
  2. Bulging or herniated disc: when the protective cushioning disc between the vertebrae has issues wherein the disc itself pops out of place and causes a bulge or the outer layer of the disc is ruptured and the inner, fluid-filled sac squeezes out. These situations have the abnormal part adding pressure to the nerves and leading to pain.
  3. Bone spurs: conditions where the bone develops extra bits which can stretch and pinches the nerves.
  4. Diabetes: When the blood sugar levels rise, it can cause damage to the nerves, including the spinal nerves.
  5. Disc or bone degeneration: Wear and tear of the spine, old age, and certain degenerative diseases can cause spinal nerves to get pinched with actions.
  6. Spinal stenosis: The abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal causing the spine and the spinal nerves to get pinched.

The normal treatments of pain meds, injections, sprays don’t address the root cause and can lead to addiction or can have drastic and unwanted side effects.

You can turn to surgeries, but these are expensive, take up a lot of time for recovery, and are invasive, therefore it might not be suitable for people of certain ages and health conditions.

On the other hand, chiropractic care v(chiro-care) is a great alternative.

It focuses on letting the body heal itself by quickening the body's healing speed and capacity, thereby leading to improved body conditions.

The benefits of Chiro-care include:

  1. Raised immunity, improved body functionality
  2. Increased range of mobility and immunity
  3. Better resistance to pain and future damage
  4. Non-invasive, suitable for all ages and most health conditions
  5. Long-term solutions addressing the root cause
  6. Relaxing and healing
  7. Better sleep, balance, and organ functioning
  8. Pain-free and non-addictive

Chiro-care is suitable for spinal issues of any severity and can use different methods according to the patient’s needs and preferences.

So, book an appointment with your nearest licensed Gig Harbor chiropractor to get your back, back.

Happy healing!


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